After your lawn gets its last cut before winter,

It will be time to put away summer power tools. So

What's next? Generators and other small engine

Equipment need to be readied for winter.

Meteorologist Karen Williams spoke with an


"We're speaking with Kris Kiser, president of the Outdoor Power Equipment

Institute and also of the turf Mutt Foundation and he is going to speak with us

today on how we can prep our spring and summer equipment going into the

Fall and Winter.

Thank for joining me, Kris."

"My pleasure, good to be with you."

"Okay Kris, tell me and show me I see we have lawn equipment and the leaf

blowers and everything--what do we really need to do to make that transition as

easy as possible?"

"You bet. The key is especially with equipment is fuel. The key for any piece of

equipment is particularly fuel, oil, air filters. Very, very easy. If you are transitioning,

I'm just going to use my mower for the last time, today, so it's a good time to---if you

want to store, put it up clean. Run it dry. Gasoline has ethanol in it now. So it is

hygroscopic. It adsorbs water. So you want to make sure to run it dry, or stabilize the

fuel. So what I’ll do it has a little port. Put the hose on it, remember to put it away clean, wash

it out, run the fuel out of it. It's a good time to check the air filter a little plastic container there

on the side, dry it out. See if you needed a clean filter. "But that's the time. Also if you are bringing

out a snow thrower or fall equipment or spring trimmer, again fuel is most important on engine

equipment. I buy only no alcohol fuel, from either the dealer or the retailer the big box will sell

it. Most manufacturers have their own fuels. And your snow thrower, the key there, I ran that dry

that needs fresh fuel check the oil presser and tires. Check the oil. But most importantly you have

the discharge tool. Never, never, never, ever put your hand in the chute or the alger of the snow

thrower. And there's a tool for that and it comes with the unit. So make sure you have that tool in

advance planning is what needed. Know what you need ahead of time."

"About how long does that take to do?"

"Oh just minutes. Just minutes the mower is designed essentially to clean itself again it has a

Built in port. You put the hose on it, turn it on. Bear in mind, you’re going to run it, for me the last

time, don't fill it with fuel. Just put enough fuel in it you think you'll need, right? Cause it's easy

to drain. So i just run it dry and the same thing here with the spring trimmer. Again use that if

you use a manufactured fuel which does not have ethanol. You'll not have storage issues. You

can leave fuel in it for a much longer period of time."

"Okay, does it matter where you store whether it's best to store in the garage or basement?"

"It's certainly better to store in a dry area. It should not be exposed to the weather like most

other mechanical pieces of equipment if you can't store them dry, store them indoors or in

your garage are the best places to do it. Again without fuel, when you can."

"Okay thank you very much Kris for all your information and your tips, today. We spoke

with Kris Kiser again he is the president of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute and CEO

Of the turf mutt foundation."

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