Senator Bennet

Presidential candidate, Senator Michael Bennet, made a stop in the Delta Wednesday afternoon.

Colorado senator and U.S. President hopeful, Michael Bennet, stopped in Sunflower County yesterday to see what some Delta students are up too.

Bennet and his wife visited students at the Sunflower County Freedom Project to engage in conversations about their concerns and life and education in the Delta.

The students invited Bennet to join a panel as they discuss topics such as mass incarceration, education, and home ownership.

Bennet, a former superintendent turned politician, mentioned education as one of his top priorities.

"And thats why i'm running for president, because i think if we go on from another decade or so, i'm really worried that we might cement into the incumbent quality we have in this country right now. The inequality we have in this country and among other things we have to change our education system so it's actually allowing people to liberate themselves from the circumstance they find themselves instead of having to keep them where they are. Which is why what you're doing here is so incredibly important," says Bennet.

Bennet's wife is a Delta native and expects to return before election time.

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