Delta State is speaking out after what they call a fraudulent racist post surfaced last week.

The post in question was allegedly staged to include a photo with an African American student with an 'x' over her face along with racist comments the post being attributed to DSU.

In a press release Thursday delta state says the former DSU student confessed to creating the post about herself to DSU Police.

In the release President William LaForge said in part quote "we are relieved to have resolved this awful situation."

Also saying he is grateful to DSU members that didn't rush to judgement about the university

In one of the social media posts in question the former student said she she chose delta state, a PWI, predominately white institute, to quote take 'over their spot'.

Recent DSU graduate Porsche Chambers says she also chose DSU over a historically black college..but it was about the fit not the label

"That was my personal choice, like it doesn't mean that I was better than the next person or I have more than the next person that s not the case. I chose delta state because it fit me," she said. 

Chambers along with many others on social media have spoken out against the post in support of Delta State, some even saying its reminiscent of the Jussie Smullet case others saying it s a discredit to the black lives matter cause.

 "I highly doubt that Delta State would portray an image as such like they know that they would lose money, students, all this type of stuff," Chambers said about the fake posts attributed to the university 

Delta State officials are determining the proper course of action in light of the confession.

The motive behind those posts is still unclear. DSU said they want to make it clear that people of all backgrounds are welcomed on campus.

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