river condition April 25

Continued rain showers not giving much relief to parts of the Delta still looking for relief from flooding.

On April first, residents living in the South Delta watched their river crest at 97.2 feet.

Peter Nimrod, the Chief Engineer for the Mississippi Levee Board located in Washington County said, "at that point we had 500,012 acres of land underwater, including 200,800 acres of farm land.  This is all over the land below Rolling Fork, Mississippi, just looks like a big lake out there."

Engineers thought the area would've seen some relief when the gates were opened, but that didn't happen because as the river dropped, heavy rain flooded the counties.

"They're getting hammered down there.  They are still a-half of million acres underwater, the farmers down there still have their land underwater.  People still worried about their homes being flooded, its a nightmare."  Said Peter Nimrod, Chief Engineer.

A nightmare that could've been prevented, Nimrod believes with the pump the Environmental Protection Agency vetoed in 2008.

"What we really need down there is a pump.  We really need that Yazoo backwater pump and that pump would have held us, instead of getting 97.2 feet this year, it would have held down to 92.3 feet and that would have been significant.  Still would've had 350,000 acres underwater.  We are not relieving all the flooding, but basically, you would have all the water, no one would have gotten flooded in their homes.  None of the major highways would  have been underwater.  None of the major roads would have been under water."  Said Nimrod.  

Peter Nimrod also touched on the Washington County's Mississippi River level condition.  He said, river levels will not become a problem unless it hits 51 feet and then it will be more of an inconvenience for residents, forcing them to find other alternatives to commuting into the Lake Ferguson neighborhood.

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