Two inmates remain on the loose tonight in wake of the statewide lockdown. Residents on high alert throughout the Delta amid the recent events at Parchman.

 One resident says, “I hate it that they can’t keep everything under control.“

 Residents in shock after inmates escape from inside of Parchman

 24-year-old David May AND 27-year-old Dillion Williams were discovered missing around 1:45 A.M. on Saturday during an emergency count

  “It’s sad to see that many people have to come help from out of town and close communities,” says Trasun Patel

 The escaped inmates allegedly took off on two four wheelers before abandoning them near Shelby and taking off in a Black SUV.

 “You have communities that are less than ten miles away, that are all the way around Parchman and it’s a threat and a danger for anybody living in a close vicinity. I hate that they can’t keep everything under control.”

 Despite a statewide lockdown Parchman having a busy week of riots, violence, and now escapes. Many in the community concerned and authorities now speaking out abo0ut what may be causing all of this.

“There are very understaffed, very under paid and you have to look at it as being a contributing factor as to what happened,” says Sunflower County Sheriff Haywood

Those in the community hoping the incidents at Parchman will come to end.

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