Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Greenville Restaurant

Today marks a milestone for 'Dat Taste of New Orleans' as the owners cut the ribbon commemorating the grand opening of the family restaurant.

Normally just taking orders on the weekends, they envision a fresh seafood style restaurant with a bed and breakfast coming. It offers authentic Cajun and Creole style cuisines.

Located on 152 North Hinds Street, the Chinns said they have created not just a restaurant but a business that will be passed down for generations to come.

City officials joined to mark the occasion as well.

"The first meal that they had was at a Simmons and Simmons house now we're going to be at their house in the city of Greenville at the Chinns, the taste of New Orleans house and it's not just going to be the Simmons family; it's going to be every single family in the city of Greenville, every single family in the Mississippi Delta, every family in Mississippi that can get a taste of Mississippi right here in Greenville, Mississippi," said Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons. 

"It's been a journey, it's really been a journey and this whole process started like my wife said about ten years ago with my wife and I sitting talking literally about our dreams, our goals, our aspirations. We knew no one when we came to Greenville Mississippi, so to be at this point ten years later, to have family, friends, loved ones, officials, I'm saying it's a dream come true," said Everett Chinn. 

As of right now the restaurant will mainly be doing pre-orders and reservations. You can check out more about the restaurant on Facebook at 'Cafe Dat Taste of New Orleans'. 

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