Secretary of state Michael Watson stopped by the Greenville courthouse today to let the people of Greenville know that he hears their concerns and will do everything in his power to make it right. 

"To go visit all 82 counties in Mississippi, to visit with our circuit clerks, with our elections commissioners. In the senate I learned it is important to have teamwork so having that same mentality in the secretary of state's office with our staff and team in the office but also with our circuit clerks and election commissioners. so we've been traveling the state." 
Secretary Watson says after he met with the courthouse clerks he could tell the citizens of Greenville are good people and they just want to do the right thing. 
 "Fantastic, good people, good hearted folks that want to serve. That want to do the right thing and that's an important piece. when you can connect on that respect level to understand that they ran for office, they were voted into office to do a job, they appreciate that responsibility and that ability to serve Mississippians. That we can share that same common bond and talk about our differences."
 Secretary Watson says that no we won't always agree but we will have a respect and relationship built on trust.
 "To make sure they know, we want to be friends, we want to work through our differences. Sometimes we don't agree but that's okay, we can have a friendship and relationship that's based on trust and understanding each other."

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