Members of the State Legislation vowing to do what they can to restore Parchman State Penitentiary.

State Senator Sarita Simmons, along with House Representatives Otis Anthony, Abe Hudson Jr. and Tracey Rosebud are working with Governor Tate Reeves and Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann to discuss ways to secure jobs for the people working at the Parchman State Penitentiary. 

They said, they also want to make sure the entire Mississippi Department of Corrections is safe for all offenders, their families and employees. 

All of the legislators who spoke with The Delta News outside of Parchman said, one of the key reasons they want to save the prison is because it has become an economic driver for the community.

"One of the things we worked on talking to the Governor, he stated that he would secure all of the individuals in Unit 29 and reassign them to different locations here."  Said Rep. Tracey Rosebud, House District 30.

"Basically he said he wanted to close 29 because of the living conditions, and be willing to move the offenders to a different unit." Said State Senator Sarita Simmons, District 13. 

"We're looking to increase their salaries, no# 1, also, we're looking at ways that we can attract, more male officers.  The majority of our officers in the system, in the MDOC are women." Said Rep. Otis Anthony, House District 31.

"I believe it time for us to do something about this facility and several facilities around the Mississippi Department of Corrections.  We have to do better, the entire world is watching us."  Said, Abe Hudson, House District 29.

The group of lawmakers said they hope to have some changes within the year.

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