The dyer conditions inside Parchman hopping national headlines at the beginning of the year and with the ongoing pandemic loved ones of those inside afraid things are getting worst.

Luciano Rappa, the brother of a current inmate recently spoke about the conditions, "Recently it's gotten worse because, it's not only the conditions but it's the treatment and if you don't follow certain obligations, they kind of manipulate the system to get you in trouble and cause you more problems."

The MDOC has been bombarded with lawsuits and recently Roc Nation having to step into help protect inmates from the spread of Covid-19 inside Parchman.

Rappa detail the conditions saying, "The only person wearing a mask.. is the guy in the cafeteria serving the food. The masks were given two weeks ago and as of two days ago..there are a couple of guys in the cafeteria wearing mask. They are still standing in two inches of sewer water, it's more than inhumane."

Governor Tate Reeves and MDOC Interim Commissioner Tommy Taylor rolled out plans to change the condition and close Unit 29, but that has all been halted.

Rappa detailing the extreme conditions saying, "Just three months ago his rack mate, not above him but below him was stabbed 37 times."

Rappa also spoke about the change he wants to see "That's why transparency has to be the number one thing to go and once that goes, everything else will come to light and there will be change."

The MDOC has confirmed four cases of Covid-19, three being at Parchman.

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