Sunflower county students traded in their summer gear for pencil and paper kicking off the 2019 school year.

 Students began showing up to school around 7 am.

Charles Motley says his daughter was ready an hour before school started.

Motley says, "we were ready about an hour before school started so we are starting off on the right foot the first day."

Teachers throughout the school district had their classrooms prepared awaiting the arrival of new students.

 Fortunately, i had the privilege of trying out the playground equipment and i can confidently say that it is recess approved.

 Clay Smith here in indianola this morning where the school year is officially underway. Kids will be out on the playground in just a couple of hours enjoying their first recess of the year as i just did sliding down that lovely yellow slide.

However, we all know school is not all fun and games.

Students from Kindergarten to 12th grade are preparing for the long school year ahead.

The first day is always full of emotions for everyone including the teachers, parents, and of course the students.

Principal Daphne Heflin, of Lockard Elementary says many emotions are being felt on the first day back...

Heflin says, "We are all so excited, we have been working hard all summer and we welcome all the students and parents today with a smile and we have seen some anxieties but we have also seen a lot of excitement so we have experienced a lot of different emotions this morning."

Other area schools will be starting back school this week as well.

Clay Smith of The Delta News Reporting.

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