Sunflower County Road Woes

Flooding rains and traffic from heavy farm machinery have taken a toll on Sunflower County roads.  Potholes and uneven pavement are commonplace on many of the county roads. 

The roads were built to initially handle vehicles that weighed no more than 30,000 pounds.  With agriculture being the main form of income for the county, harvest trucks routinely travel these roads which creates wear and tear.

Harvest trucks can weigh upwards of 100,000 pounds which is more than double the capacity that the roads were built to handle.  

The Road Department recently received an estimate and would cost the county 1 million dollars for every 1 mile of road to be reclaimed to handle the weight of the vehicles.  

The Road Department only has an annual budget of 2 million dollars which puts a limit on the amount of road repairs that they can do each year.

Sunflower County Representative Glenn Donald says he is sorry for any inconveniences that the roads may have caused: "Sunflower County is one of the longest counties in the state of Mississippi and we just do not have the revenue or tax base to build roads to capacity.  We do apologize for any potholes or anything that has been inconvenient but we do the best we can to keep the roads as good as we can."

Sunflower County will continue to do what they can to make sure the roads are safe to travel.

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