Tuesday afternoon a stand-off situation involving the Cleveland Police Department and a suspect who holed himself inside a local home. That six hour stand-off eventually leads to a suspect now on the run.

A 7 month year old baby was kidnapped and held hostage for several hours. The SWAT team was able to come in and get the baby out, but the suspect got away.

Nineteen year old Cordell Lucas, wanted since February in Shelby County Tennessee for aggravated assault, allegedly kidnapped a baby from the mother's arms on Eastend Street in Cleveland around noon.

According to the Cleveland police department, the first two policemen on the scene were told by bystanders that Lucas had a gun. The policemen then heard a gunshot and called for backup.

"The two initial officers on the scene did not see anyone leave the residence. So when we got there we were under the assumption that we had a 7 month old baby being held in a house by an armed suspect," Chief Bingham, Cleveland Police Department, said.

According to Chief Bingham, the SWAT team was able to get the baby out before 4 pm, still under the impression Lucas was in the residence.

SWAT then fired gas pellets into the house then barged through the side of the building..

When they got in the house, Lucas was no where to be found.

"We're not quite sure... We're surmising that he went out a back door. Like i said the two officers that were on the scene initially did not see him leave, and we were under the assumption that he was still in the house. The occupants of the house stated that they did not know who he was and that his name, they only knew him by the name of Junior or Cuz, and that they didn't know his correct name or his real name," Chief Bingham said.

If anyone has information, Cleveland Police Department urges you to call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-tips for a possible cash reward or call the police department at 662-843-3611.

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