Swearing in Ceremony Held for Judge Willie J. Perkins Sr. in Leflore County

A new Chancery Court Judge has been sworn in during a ceremony in Leflore County. 

Family, elected officials, judges, and supporters gathered on the second floor of the Leflore County Courthouse to witness the swearing of the new Chancery Judge of the 7th District., Willie J. Perkins Sr. 

"First of all give thanks to God Almighty for allowing this event to happen today, and we thank the citizens and voters who showed their faith and confidence in me based on my experience, work, training, and background, and roots in this community, says Judge Perkins. 

In Judge Perkins new sworn position, he will serve Leflore, Quitman, Tallahatchie and Tunica Counties. He says he looks forward to administrating justice in a fair hand and even matter. 

"It would be our position that person from any walks of life, is going to be treated fairly. The poor will be treated just as fair as the rich. There is no edge or favoritism here."

Perkins is also the former State Representative of District 32. Senator David Jordan says he is elated about the occasion.

"I hate to lose him in the legislature, but he's going to high levels of serving the people. He is trained for this. He has done a great job across the years helping to break down barriers, so reality like this to come for us. It's a great day for us. It outta be a great day for Leflore County and the Mississippi Delta."

Assistant District Attorney of the 4th Circuit Court District, Takiyah Perkins, who is also the newly sworn Chancery Judge's daughter shared a few words to supporters.

"Thank you so much for seeing in my dad, what we always known was there . We appreciate your support, and please continue to keep him in your prayers."

Judge Perkins says, "We continue to thank God  for this event and occasion, again we're going to be fair and impartial to all."

Tyree Irving, who is preside Justice of the Mississippi Court of Appeals, presided over the ceremony, Judge Perkins also asked for a moment of silence in honor of Former District 2 Supervisor Robert Moore. 

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