Tate Reeves Facebook Live

Governor Tate Reeves held a Facebook live press conference today and this time he was joined by top state health official Dr. Thomas Dobbs from the Mississippi State Department of Health.

The pair discussed the number of cases in Mississippi, Dr. Dobbs said the number is rising so rapidly because of all the new testing facilities that have opened and that the high number of cases just means the more testing that's available the higher the number will be as more and more people have access to testing.

Both Reeves and Dobbs reiterate that there is no need to hoard groceries. Also reiterating the CDC guidelines of social distancing and hand washing.

Recently the governor has seen backlash over not issuing a state wide stay at home order, here's what Mississippi's top health official had to say when governor reeves asked him about such a mandate for Mississippi.

 "If we depend upon a shelter in place to be a solution we're going to be sorely disappointed right, it's a great intervention to slow things down but if you're not coupling it with something else it seems like you're really setting yourself up for failure and frustration because when does it end? Does it end when the cases are gone does it end when the curve bends it could go on for a long time. I think it does make sense as we discussed is if you have a locality that's having an acute problem or something you think that you can do with a proactive intervention is say it makes sense let's just have your community shelter in place for a couple of weeks," Dobbs said.

Many people on Facebook have left comments begging the governor to issue the stay at home order for the whole state. More likely Governor Reeves will leave it up to local community leaders to decide for themselves.

Many people also pointed out that the governor himself was not abiding by the six foot social distancing rule along with Dr. Dobbs in his latest Facebook live video.

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