At the recent Board of Alderman's meeting, the board gave the city engineer and water and sewer manager permission to conduct a thorough investigation to find out what households or businesses are causing the blockages and build ups in the sewer pumps. 

City engineer Josh McPherson brought an example of one of the things that is being found in the pumps, industrial napkins. People are flushing them instead of disposing them in trash cans. 

McPherson submitted two options in order to solve the problem. The first option was a $65,000 grinder that would break down everything that comes through the pumps. The second option was a stainless steel basket to catch all foreign debris which would cost $7,000-$8,000.

The board suggested finding the source first and if the debris continue, the home or business would be responsible for getting whatever part is needed to limit the pump damage. 

Investigations will begin as early as next week. 

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