GREENVILLE -As our own Stephen Robinson begins his 31st year at the Delta news, we thought you should hear from some of the people who know him best. And you've seen him grow from a kid in Miami with a dream to a man who tells the kids with a dream look up to.

So we found a few people who have known Steven for a long, long time, and we've asked them to share their favorite stories about a man who's become the Delta's own.

"We were scheduled to be in studio talking about high school basketball today. However, because of the wide stuff behind me all the games in the area have been postponed, so they'll try to play him again tomorrow." said one clip of Steven from years past.

Can anybody remember any other sports reporter in the Delta besides Stephen Robinson? For most of us, Stephen is delta sports and has been from day one.

Pat Blandford remembers his first day on the job when Stephen arrived. "He brought out certain excitement to WXVT in the sports area. He was always pleasant and his sports stories were always interesting and I don't really like sports, but he made me want to watch it." she said.

He broke the mold of what most people think of sports reporting. He didn't give scores and highlights. He told stories. He made fast friends everywhere with hard work and a winning but humble personality.

" A little known fact Well, maybe if you've been around him enough, you do know this is that Steven is a joker. He tells these jokes. Sometimes you'd be funny, maybe or not. And he does concentrates. I mean, he's all serious about the job, but then all of a sudden he's standing there. Hey, I want to show you something." recalled Woodrow Wilkins.

Before long, he created a legend.

"I became a high school sports official and every school I went to bar the first thing they said was we love Stephen Robinson. I progressed to the college level. And it was no different ser no matter what school I went to, in our coverage area. Stephen Robinson is the most beloved sports caster to ever be known. In our market." said Charles Tackett.

Those who worked alongside him over the years we'll never forget him.

"How many times did we have to yell for you to get to the set? Oh folks. The short tail was always out. He just dressed from the waist up. He dressed for you guys. But Stephen we always make sure you look good because you always made sure the sports looks good, happy anniversary my friend." said Anne Martin.

"Steve you're a humble guy. And I want to grow up to be just like you" said Craig Harden.

"You truly are something so amazing. And something that we all wish our kids were like, and I'm glad that we all have somebody to look up to like you." Said Sara Hodges.

"You are one of the nicest hardest working people I've ever met. And it's an honor to call you a friend." said Lee Zurik.

" You care so much about what you do. I hope every one of the Delta knows how fortunate they are to have you there." said Mike Uva.

" WX VT Delta sport and welcome back everyone. Steve Robinson walk with our Game of the Week pitting O'Bannon at the Floyd County with the winner play.

But you the actual game of the week is JFK at Broad Street with the winner moving on to the playoffs loser calling it a season. You know what? You make a good point 155 pounds and as you can see I'm a lightweight for these lady Tigers who actually can lift twice my weight and beyond." said Stephen in a series of old clips.

Where did he get all this creativity? Well, he grew up in the magic city of Miami, where he made his first TV appearance on Florida's first TV station.

He made two count them two appearances on the Skipper Chuck show which inspired him. Years later he snagged the life changing job at another Miami TV station. And with Jim Berry, a man who became his mentor.

"Mr. Robinson, it has come to my attention that a special anniversary is about to be celebrated by yours truly. And the folks in Greenville, Mississippi wanted me to give you a special shout out and I'm so delighted to do that. They tell me that you are about to celebrate your 30th year in Greenville, Mississippi. Wow.

Wow, that's that sounds like a book or a song or something. 30 years in Mississippi.

Anyway, man, listen. I remember when you were a soft spoken intern, and you were kind of laying in the background just soaking it all up. And you were taking that knowledge and learning how to apply it in your own career and your own life. And that is exactly what you have done. And you and I both know it is very hard in this business to have longevity to stick. And you my good man have stuck. You have made a career and you have found a home. And for those two things, man I am very, very proud of you Mr. Robinson and I salute you and celebrate your success there and hope that you have many more years in Mississippi. Many years in MississippiDie is Dave Seriously man. Congratulations, guys. Be very, very proud of you. ." said Jim Berry of WFOR-TV in Miami.

And thank you Steven. Robertson for 30 years of heartfelt storytelling.

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