Valentine's Day Do's and Don't's

Valentine’s Day is all about flowers and chocolate and showing love to those who are special. But we didn’t want to leave out our single viewers this morning. has released their Singles in America survey, and we have all the deets for do's and don’ts on the first date

  • 94 percent of women want their date to compliment them on how they look
  • 90 percent of women want their date to be waiting on them. But, what happened to being picked up? Maybe this other 10 percent agree the man has to pick up the woman.
  • 82 percent think a hug and a kiss on the cheek is good enough for the first date
  • The majority of women surveyed say they want their date to insist on paying the bill. But 45 percent say it's appropriate to split the check

Apparently, women judge a date's home technology, more than men do.

The three tech turn-offs men need to know:

  • 78 percent of all singles are turned off if their date is stealing the neighbor’s internet, but women are twice as likely as men to be bothered by this.
  • 81 percent of women are turned off by men who don’t have access to the internet
  • 73 percent of women are turned off if their date doesn’t own a computer.

As always, appearance—like spelling—counts:

  • 60% of singles are happy with their appearance.
  • Baby Boomers are 48% more likely to be happy with their body.
  • Nevertheless, some 40% have negative feelings about their body.
  • Men feel 33% more pressure to change their appearance from their social circles (parents (29%), friends (28%) and partners (29%).
  • While 39% singles feel pressure from media (41% of women vs. 35% of men).
  • More men (62%) than women (58%) are happy with their appearance.
  • African Americans are the happiest with the way they look (72%), while Caucasians report the lowest level of body satisfaction (56%).
  • However, sex can cure poor body self-image. Those who had sex in 2017 are twice as likely to like the way they look, regardless of their race, gender age or sexual orientation.

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