EG coleman penalties

GREENWOOD - A federal judge in Oxford has set a trial date for indicted former Express Grain CEO John Coleman.

But what kind of penalties might he face as he heads to trial?

With the help of our news partners at the Taxpayers Channel, The Delta News explains what's ahead for Coleman.

A U.S. District Judge has wasted no time in setting trial in the massive fraud case against Express Grain founder John Coleman.

After a 6-count indictment from a Leflore County Grand Jury, prosecutors revealed a federal grand jury had also settled on six more counts of violating federal law.

Coleman has pleaded not guilty and has hired Jackson Criminal Defense Attorney John Collette to represent him in the case that's set to begin January 30th.

Where will Coleman's trial take place? Many had hoped the case would stay close to home at the Federal Courthouse in Greenville... but instead, the case against John Coleman will take place outside the delta, in Oxford.

Senior Judge Michael Mills will preside.

Each of the six federal counts against Coleman carry a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison and a fine of up to one million dollars... again, that's for each of the six counts.

So far, we don't know a trial date on the state charges, but on five of the counts against him, Coleman could face 5 years and 10 thousand in fines each.

One of the state counts can get him 10 years and another ten grand in fines.

It seems the case against Coleman will center on an e-mail he sent to delta farmers, selling them on his company's financial strength and encouraging their business.

He sent it, the day before Express Grain filed for bankruptcy.

Prosecutors say other e-mails contain lie after lie about the company's finances, meantime Coleman maintains his innocence.

Now, don't hold your breath until January 30th waiting for the trial to happen..... cases like these often get kicked down the road... many times for months... even years as both side fight over witnesses, paper trails, experts and investigation.

To trace the Express Grain saga, check out the body of reporting on the subject from our news partners at The Taxpayers Channel

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