MOUND BAYOU - Henry Bonney wasn't more than a few hundred feet away from deadly danger.... and didn't know it right away.

"61 Headed South and I saw this state trooper early this morning and hit this highway down here, came down this street. I met him... and he went North," he said.

Bonney said it looked as if the trooper was looking for someone.

We know the shooting started with a traffic stop here just past Moody road, along Highway 61 outside Winstonville.

"My other friend he said he saw the state trooper when he pulled the car over near the overpass, he didn't think nothin of it so he kept rolling and after that is when the commotion started," Bonney recalled.

A release from the United States Marshal's service says 24-year-old Stanley Self Junior, the man in the car stopped alongside the highway, shot at the unidentified officer, hitting him twice in the arm.

We believe Self took off, ending up a short distance away in Mound Bayou at Isaac and South Streets.

We know gunfire was exchanged here too, due to the evidence marker, crime scene investigators took up as we watched.

Investigators carefully combed through a Mercedes at the intersection for evidence.

And while it looks like the Mercedes fared pretty well.... take a look at the trooper's patrol car.... with bullet holes and the entire back window shot out.

The Highway Patrol reports the officer escaped any life-threatening injury but did need medical care.

Meantime, parts of 2 or 3 counties practically went on lockdown while the search for Stanley Self fanned out across The Delta, into Ruleville and other nearby areas.

Meanwhile, Henry Bonney hopes, this is the last commotion in his neighborhood for a long time.

"I hope it don't happen again,' said Bonney.

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