GREENVILLE - An endless line of trucks on Highway 82 alarmed many Greenville residents because of traffic safety concerns. Residents say it's common to see trucks this time of the year because of soybean season. But, they thought there were more trucks than usual.

Greenwood soybean farmer William Hill's truck broke down on Highway 82, and he shared why residents are seeing more trucks. Hill says, "At the moment, our Greenwood farm and Belzoni full, so we have no choice but to bring them up here."

Hill says Greenville's the furthest he's traveled from the soybean farm he works on. He sees why folks are concerned about the traffic and believes drivers do all they can for safety.

Greenville Police Department's working with the shrieff's office, highway patrol, and Mississippi Department of Transportation to redirect the trucks away from the city onto Highway 1 South to 454.

The Federal Motor Carried Safety Adminstration suggests that drivers be aware of trucks' wide turns. Trucks need extra space to turn. Sometimes, truck drivers move left to create turning space. This tip can help dirvers who are changing lanes to pass trucks during rush hours.

In spite of the traffic, Hill says hauling the beans for storage is necessary.

Hill says, "I guess the oil and everythang that comes out 'em for biodiesel and staff is pretty helpful."

Hill agrees that safety is needed and hopes everyone looks out for each other on the road.

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