The classic Uncle Ben’s brand will soon be getting a face lift with re branding. Mars made the announcement Wednesday saying the new branding aims to evolve to be more inclusive. It unveiled the new brand of “Ben’s Original” and along with re branding, Mars is making a $2.5 million investment in Greenville.

Mayor Errick Simmons said the company is near and dear to Greenville

“Mars hold a special place in our hearts and the lives of the folks here, they’ve been here for over 42 years and they have been great corporate citizens and doing things here in the community,” he said.

Those things will now include investing that 2.5 million over the course of 5 years to help enhance educational opportunities for over 7,500 kids and expand access to fresh healthy foods for Greenville residents.

In a statement, a  Mars spokesperson said they've engaged with Mayor Simmons and other local leaders to understand their views on the evolution of the brand and how they can make a more meaningful and positive impact in the Greenville community.

 And this re branding has been in the works since June when Uncle Ben’s first made the announcement that they’d be re branding their packaging and their style and this is following suit of several companies like Land-o-lakes and Mrs. Butterworth

Not only is Uncle Ben’s a beloved staple of the Greenville , it’s also a large economic driver.

Washington County Economic Alliance Executive Director, Will Coppage said the evolution also represents the corporation’s commitment to Greenville.

“Mars Food here in Greenville has been one of the largest employers and so we see the mars corporation evolving it shows that they’re here to stay,” he said.

Mars also said they’ve been taking steps to continue to improve racial equity from increased representation in the workforce drive positive change.

“To not only create a larger footprint in Greenville but also how we upend the racial inequities and those systems that have plagued this country regarding race,” said Mayor Errick Simmons.

So consumers can expect to see the new brand sometime in 2021.

Mars food also announced its partnering with the national urban league to support aspiring black chefs through s a scholarship fund before expanding to support other under served communities around the world.

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