It s election season and after another four years it's time for voters to take to the polls, but what do you have to do before casting your vote?

Tamara Lopez sat down with Washington county Circuit Court Clerk Barbara Estes-Parker to find out.

First up registering.

 "This area has been set up as an overflow from our regular office because the circuit clerk s office does not allow more than 3 or 4 people at a time," she said of the table outside her office.

This booth is a one stop shop for voters to register and it only takes a few minutes. If you need to fill out a change of address card you can do so there. Once that's done all you have to do is fill out one of these voter registration forms and drop it in the box.

Parker said even though the process is simple there is a deadline.

 "Voter registration is October the 5th, though on October the 3rd our office will be open from 8 a.m. to 12 o'clock noon to accommodate those late people," she said.

And as of September 4th absentee ballots are available, there's a separate application you have to fill out for that and this year there's a new addition to the list of qualifying factors.

"Always had the criteria that said temporary or permanently disability but they added this year the physician impose quarantine due to Covid-19 so I think that is going to create a lot of walking and absentee for us this year," Parker said of the stipulation. 

Those ballots will be available September 21st.

Parker said the registration box is emptied every night and processed the following morning.

To get in touch with the Washington County Circuit Clerk, you can call 662-378-2747 or 662-390-4769. To check your registration status, go to the website

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