I spoke with a Washington county road department employee about the safety of his workplace and the rise of covid-19 where he saids 2 employees have died. 

 "Death of an employee Friday, who got killed in a tire accident we had another employee that was out for the covax suspension Isaiah Murray he died Sunday and basically we were just concerned about the different rise of the covid-19 and the testing and the safety on the job and concerned about the young man who got killed Friday."
 Horace saids that supervisor McGee will meet back with his board and the rest of the staff to talk about everything to ensure safety for employees.
 "Supervisor McGee expressed some sentiment on further safety precautions and further meetings with employees he said that he gone meet with his board and the rest of the staff and get back with us on some things they are going to also run by some more state guidelines."
 Horace said employees just want clarity and certainty about everything that's going on but are grateful that supervisor McGee came out and listened and talked with them. 
 "And we wanted some clarity a lot of heavy hearts at the job and i guess some topics is kind of hard for some people to discuss we were grateful for supervisor McGee for coming out and talking with us because that did show some leadership to talk with the workers and let them know you are concerned because that was a young man that lost his life in a gruesome accident "

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