For a problem she says has been going on for a month, Tammy Chamblee is ready to speak out about the trash problem here in Washington County. 

 "We've contacted the road department several times and have not been able to get them to pick up the trash."
Tammy told me that it's becoming frustrating
 " I deal with trash along my fence lines, in my yard and in my driveway. 
Everyday we have to pick up trash and deal with the smell of it. " 
But the aroma of the trash has become the least of her worries
 "We have all kinds of insects and smell and maybe possibly disease in this trash that's been sitting out in this sun for so long."
Tammy says when speaking to the road department, they say they will show up but never do. 
 "They just tell me that they are coming, that they will be out here on a Wednesday or a Thursday, right now picking limbs up is a priority and they don't have time to get the trash after they get all the limbs up."

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