Continuing your delta coverage ... Two women are woven and bonded together. Not by blood ... But by hair.

The delta news karen williams says the two are showing women in greenwood how to design and make wigs.

"Making high quality wigs on a sewing machine has never been

So easy. The ivory hair company located on 222 west market street

Greenwood has been in business since 2018 and has started beginner

Classes in wig making that lasts for two days.

Training includes a full kit for sewing ivory hair bundles, access to a

Vendor list , sewing machine is provided and breakfast and lunch is

Provided. Co-owners lashonda ivory and melissa ivory-brown gave

Me a preview of the class.

"I have a thyroid issue and so i had thinning hair and things of that issue

And i turned to my sister-in-law-- she's an average weave wearer and i was

Telling her buying packets of hair from the stores it's just balling up, it's not

Lasting long and i need some quality hair. She told me that i need to buy bundles."

"As i started buying bundles, maybe i should start selling my own bundles. I like

To have good quality hair but it takes so long. A lot of the vendors they do drop

Shipping and it took long to get the hair. And that's how we started ivory hair company."

"So actually we have hair and one of the best things about our company is that we do

Have hair on hand. So whenever customers need or want hair in this area or surrounding

Areas, we're able to give them the hair that day. And so we pride ourselves off of customer

Service and also friendly service but more importantly delivering on time."

"The women gain powerful knowledge that helps them start their own business in

Order to make their own wigs or units. This empowers them to build their own wealth

And be their own boss."

"They're also learning how to double the welth as the wig is constructed. They are also**

Learning what are called guidelines which is the foundation of making the wig on the wig

Cap. More specifically, they are learning how to make a sound wig that will lay flat to the

Head and also that can give a stylish look that you are looking for. There will be a piece

On coloring that we will show the participants and it teaches them how to do the

Customization of the wig to make it look more natural."

Because of covid-19, the classes are limited to four to six participants.

In greenwood, karenwilliams for the delta news.

For further information contact melissa ivory or lashonda ivory at 901-410-0488 or go to ivory-hair-co-dot-com.




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