Escapee SWAT Raid

TUNICA COUNTY - The search for escaped convicted rapist Samuel Hartman, his sister Misty Hartman and his mother, Linda Annette White created a lot of excitement in The Delta over the weekend... especially in Tunica County where a big SWAT raid caused quite a commotion.

One woman who saw it all unfold from her living room.

Sheryl Allen saw trouble coming....

"So I saw all these blue lights coming towards us," she recalled.

The fish Camps along Tunica Lake don't normally get a lot of excitement.

"I was scared. I didn't know what the hell was going on. I was very scared," she said.  What scared her was the DeSoto County SWAT team vehicle... and tunica deputies... surrounding the trailer across the street on Carp Drive.

"There's about eight of them. They came out from the truck. They had all the rifles aimed towards the RV, and just some warning shots. And then on the speaker, they were saying, you know, come out you're surrounded," said Allen.

But no one came out...  "So then the truck had a big pole in front of it, and start ramming the RV. And that's what happened. They tore off the whole side of it," she described.

Eventually Allen found the courage to come out of her home and speak to the officers gathered across the street. "And I said, I came around the corner I said, don't shoot me, but I said, I think I have some information for you. And he said, Yes, ma'am. And I said, Well, you know, there was people left earlier today, and I said, they left in a black truck 2 women And I said they were in a hurry".

Apparently Hartman and his accomplices were planning to hide out down here along the lake, hoping to escape notice.... but neighbors here take notice of even the smallest change... "And when they came in, Paul, the maintenance man's help them set up and he said there was a guy with them into women," said Allen.

From what Allen said, investigators concluded the three had been planning this escape for a while. "They've been here. Not quite a week but almost a week. they were here and gone. Most of the time, the whole week that they were here. They'd be here for a little while and then they leave. And then they come back like the next day. For a couple hours and then they leave," she said.

Now, she thinks they've left for good... or so she hopes.  "So I think they'll return? who these people?  Do you think they're that dumb? well, maybe you never know. Well, they get their vehicle still here," she said.

She and everyone else here says, they're glad to see THESE new neighbors... gone.... hopefully for good.

(WATN in Memphis provided the interview on which this story is based)

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