Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith's visit to the Delta brought an update about the Yazoo River back water pumps.

The project was vetoed back in 2008 by the Environmental Protection Agency. With the 2020 legislative session in progress, the Army Corp of Engineers has released their 2020 funding plans and placed aside funding for the pumps.

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith says it's an encouraging sign for the completion of the project. She says they wouldn't allocate funds if they weren't planning on finishing the pumps.

"The corp of engineers came out with their 2020 funding plan and it was very encouraging we have $7.5 million dollars, $6 million to actually purchase the land that the pumps would physically go on and the other $1.5 million is for the environmental studies that it's going to take so step by step we're getting there," she said. 

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