GREENVILLE - Mississippi's governor gave a boost to important projects around the state, when he announced a program to put several road projects and site preparation projects on the fast-track.

Let's take a close look at the four projects that stand to benefit The Delta:

"I'm calling from Mississippi to make a massive investment in our state's roads," said Governor Reeves.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves makes an announcement that might leave a lot of us cheering.

He plans to spend a bunch of the state's huge budget surplus on roads.... why?

"so Mississippi can further establish itself as a leader in supporting the global supply chain," he explained.

It also doesn't hurt that it's an election year, and the governor has to keep dodging the arrows flying every which-a-way in the ever-widening welfare scandal.

How much does he think it will take to get our minds off that?

"I propose allocating approximately $1.3 billion in supplemental funds toward road projects that are closest to being construction ready throughout the state," said the governor.

Among those projects, a re-paving of a stretch of highway 82 from Itta Bena to the doorstep of Indianola.

Projected cost: 20 million dollars plus.

Plus paving of a stretch of the Highway 82 by-pass in Greenville... from the Mississippi River to Highway 1.

Price tag: almost 36 million.

But those aren't the only projects that will benefit The Delta in the Governor's plan.

The Cleveland-Bolivar Chamber of Commerce would get a quarter million dollars for land preparation and drainage work at the Charles W. Dean industrial park.

On the other side of town, the chamber would get 34-thousand for environmental work at the Cleveland Airport.

"With these projects Mississippi can send a signal to businesses around the world that our state has dependable reliable and safe roads that make it easier to get their products to market," said Reeves.

Now, both houses of the republican-controlled legislature have to approve this funding... which seems likely, but not entirely a sure thing.

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