Station Dropped From Dish

WABG, WNBD, WXVT, and Delta FOX10 has been removed from satellite provider DISH Network after the two companies were unable to come to terms on a new retransmission consent agreement. The previous agreement expired at 6:00 PM January 18, 2020.

“We have negotiated in good faith to come to an agreement with DISH, said CMG President Kim Guthrie. WABG, WNBD, WXVT, and Delta FOX10 has made significant investments in people, programming, and equipment, to make them best in class. We are simply seeking a fair agreement with DISH to carry these channels. DISH already pays much more for national networks like ESPN, even though far fewer people watch ESPN than any of our local stations.” Guthrie continued, “It should also be noted that ESPN and the other national networks DISH favors have no local news, have no local employees, and offer nowhere near the same high-quality, compelling programming that our stations provide to their local communities. DISH is seeking the right to WABG, WNBD, WXVT, and Delta FOX10 at well below current market rates and on terms that no other video provider has demanded.  With NFL playoffs going on and the Super Bowl coming up soon, DISH is really showing how little it cares about its customers.  All viewers should keep in mind that every one of our stations remains available for free over the air at all times.”

Cox Media Group cannot force DISH to strike a deal that keeps WABG, WNBD, WXVT, and Delta FOX10 programming on DISH’s channel lineup. That programming will remain available however for viewers over the air, and this dispute will not affect the vast majority of viewers, who are customers of other video providers.  It should be noted that WABG, WNBD, WXVT, and Delta FOX10 has agreements with every other major cable and satellite distributor.

CMG hopes to continue negotiations with DISH to reach an agreement soon.


Let DISH know that you do have other options, like DIRECTV and Suddenlink. 


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