"It's in my blood."

Because it's in the family.

Wide receiver Leon Green had a number of choices when it came to a college playing career, but only one that carried on the family legacy

"And the fact that the home school, Delta State, was recruiting me. I was like wow," Leon says with a smile.

DSU: it's where Leon joined the playmaking wide receivers in 2015...inking with theStatesmen following his four years at East Side High School

"I always thought about football, football, football. This is where I wanna be."

DSU: It's the same place mom, Shorlone Crockam-Green, made her mark in the early 90s. A member of the Lady Statesmen basketball program from 1990 to 1994, Mom leads the way in green and white.

"My motto is, you haven't done anything that I haven't done already at Delta State," Crockam-Green recalls.

Which is somewhat true. In her time on the hardwood, Green earned all-GSC honors, secured the single game record for steals, and moved into the Delta State and Gulf South Conference record books in assists.

Oh, and she won two national titles too.

"I never set up and put my stats up for my boys to see. I always tell them, give me your best, we produce, and whatever we have, we keep working with that."

DSU: it's now where Shorlone Crockam-Green's name is etched into the Delta State Hall of Fame.

"I mean I was so proud of her it was just like ever since I was coming up, she was always there on the sideline recording me and I was right there on the sideline, like 'Ok Mom, we right here. I got you," Leon shares.

And proud goes both ways. 

DSU: It's where mom never misses a chance to cheer on her oldest son.

After the game, is mom the first person Leon goes to see?

"Yes! Yes it is. And seeing my mom up there waving her hand like, 'I'm here. I'm here.' And me scoring a touchdown you know you're looking at your mom, point at your mom."

He did that a couple times this season, ending his 2017 campaign with 18 catches for 160 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

"I always tell him, 'Leon, with the hands that you have and the ability that you have' that the sky is the limit for him."

DSU: it's where Leon's not only grown as a player but also as a man--especially after the sudden passing of his father in 2016.

"I try to step up and be the bigger person for my little brother because our dad was that person for both of us."

"He's grown to be a productive young man as his father would want him to be and would love to see him."

DSU: it's where the Green hope the family name lives on for years to come.

"Delta State is Cleveland. Cleveland is Delta State. It's home."

"We're here. We're together and family's all we have."

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