It's the fourth quarter of the MHSAA 1A State Championship. 

Blue Devils trail by 14.

2 scores later, it's tied .

Like they've done all season long, Simmons goes for two. It's in the hands of Marquez Pam .

The go-ahead conversion is good and they just need one more defensive stop now for the Hollandale squad to become three-time state champs.

"As long as we go out as team, everything's gonna be good," said running back Marquez Pam after the win. 

"Cause we're just a big old family, all of us are together as a bunch," added Amos Robinson, a Simmons linebacker. 

Actually, Marquez and Amos are family.

"You could say he's my brother because we've been raised up together."

Not quite brothers, but cousins.

"He's been there from the start."

Teammates, too. 

"If I take care of business on offense, my cousin's gonna take care of business on defense."


"Just made me tougher"

Next door neighbors.

I ask them, "Do you ever get tired of each other?"

"No ma'am."

"Never?" I question these 

"No ma'am"

And state champions....times three.

"I feel like we were a very big part of simmons football team."

That they were....Pam tallied 36 touchdowns this past season en route to his title as 1A Mr. Football.

"I'm a dominant guy on the football field. I take care of business."

Robinson, 138 tackles to his name, 15 of which were for loss.

"I never give up. I always push"

Pushing themselves...and each other.

"We compete in everything we do."

And nothing without one another--something they likely learned from their moms.

"We grew up together and the guys are walking in our footsteps," Debra Robinson, Marquez's mom notes. 

So, what's next for the inseperable duo?

"The next step is a big step," mom adds with her son and nephew looking on.

One that they'll take together.

"I feel like if we play together, that college will get the best of both of us."

That college is Hinds Community. The cousins having signed on the dotted line with the Hawks on February 6, 2018, knowing regardless of where their playing careers take them after that, they'll be teammates for life.

"That just shows everybody that we stick together no matter what"

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