Meteorologist Chase Ward gives us an in depth look at how hurricanes form. Hurricanes are some of the most powerful forces on the face of planet Earth. They begin out in the tropics over the warm waters and then they began to track northward. Today, I want to take a moment and explain how they form why they form and what kind of impacts they have and why they form in the first place. They typically form out in the tropics from mid summer to late November. These systems form and start out as a typical low pressure system and from there you have rising motion. There is usually a series of scattered thunderstorms associated with these storms. As the updraft gets stronger, you start to see more of a rising cloud structure. You generally want low wind shear in the upper levels, kind of the opposite you see from tornado development. The system continues to strengthen and then becomes a tropical depression. Now you usually don't have a lot of impacts from a depression. Mainly just a lot of rain fall. The next phase is a tropical storm. Now this is where we start to name the storm. Winds range from 35 to 73 mph. These storms can be dangerous. The next phase is a hurricane ranging from category 1-5. 5 being the strongest. 3-5 is called a major hurricane with winds higher than 115-155+ mph. These storms are the most catastrophic and most costly. Most of the damage will come from either wind or flooding. Some of the costliest storms in history were a result of flooding over winds. Katrina still stands as the costliest storm un US history. Also, 2017 was an active year for hurricanes having 3 cat four storms that year. Again, I hope you learned a little something as these storms should be taken very seriously.

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